High Demand

As a high-performing executive:

You manage, meet, travel, forecast, analyze, review, pitch, negotiate, listen, coach, and strive… and that’s only the half of it.

You lead the team in achieving goals and breaking through barriers.

Responsibility and pressure are a part of the role, but you’re a beast and handle it with style.

You take care of your people, shareholders, and company.

But who takes care of you?


High Risk

We know you’ve got it under control, but are you aware that executives are at a much higher risk of heart attack, stroke, hypertension, sleep deprivation, burnout, and depression than the general workforce?




  • 24% less sleep than the average worker
  • 23% more hours worked than the average worker

Mental Health

  • 90% struggle with work/life balance
  • 40% deal with depression

Heart Disease Risk

  • 73% live a sedentary lifestyle
  • 40% obesity rate
  • 100% of obese patients have increased heart disease risk


Struggle with work/life balance


Deal with depression

We’re consistently rated as one of the top executive health providers in the country.

Let’s work together to take care of you.


We Focus on Executives

Executive health is about more than annual executive physicals and corporate wellness programs. It is a commitment to treating the whole person in an ongoing relationship, not just a one-time annual visit.

Unlike annual executive health exam providers, we don’t perform unnecessary or potentially harmful tests and screenings, focusing on those that matter.

With annual executive physicals costing anywhere from $1,500 – $10,000+, these once-a-year visits are often conducted with disconnected physicians who lack meaningful relationships with the executives they serve.

The Harvard Business Review published an article stating that annual executive physicals and executive health monitoring should be done by dedicated primary care physician (PCP) yet acknowledged that most PCPs don’t practice preventative executive medicine in an effective or efficient way and are too busy to focus on functional executive health.

“Many executive physicals are conducted at distant institutions. In my view, the doctor collecting an executive’s medical history, performing the physical examination, and ordering lab tests shouldn’t be someone the patient is likely never to see again. He or she should be that person’s primary doctor.

-HBR Article (emphasis added)



Executive Health
Focus Areas

Inflammation is the major cause of chronic illness and life-threatening disease. Preventing and treating inflammation significantly reduces the occurrence of cardiac artery disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and numerous other conditions. Defeating inflammatory diseases is our specialty.

In addition to our open access to our executive health team, we offer executives the following:

Heart Health

Advanced biometric and blood testing allows us to monitor inflammatory and cholesterol levels to a greater degree than a “check-up” from traditional healthcare providers.

Ultimate Prevention

Ultra-prevention screening goes beyond the basic screenings offered at regular wellness checkups and doctor visits for management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and asthma.

Mental Health

Strong mental health is mandatory to live your best life now. We’re nonjudgmental and discreet advisors that work with you for total health and wellbeing.

Nutrition and Food Training

Food intake and proper nutrition is one of the most important factors in creating and maintaining optimal health.

Hormone Optimization

Hormone imbalances can affect our sleep, metabolism, energy levels, sexual drive, and bone health, among other outcomes.

Aesthetics Consultation

Your skin and hair are what you present to the world and is greatly impacted by your internal health. We help you put your…


The Benefits of Treating Yourself NOW

You are prudently planning for the future — family, business, and financial planning.

Are you planning and investing for great long-term health? You’ll realize the best returns when you start investing now.

We work like your other trusted advisors, partnering to best position you for prosperity and longevity for years to come.

Let’s work together.


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