Laser and
RF Treatments


What skin concerns do laser treatments address?

Lasers provide several skin-enhancing services, including:

    • Clearing facial vessels and irregular pigmentation
    • Reducing the appearance of leg veins
    • Diminishing stretch marks
    • Reducing the appearance of surgical and acne scars
    • Permanently removing unwanted hair
    • Eliminating facial lines and wrinkles
What is PellevéⓇ skin tightening?
    • Pellevé addresses facial and neck laxity, such as sagging jowls and drooping skin around the eyes and cheeks.
    • Instead of laser energy, a radiofrequency system (RF) reformulates your skin’s existing collagen and encourages it to produce new collagen.
    • Pellevé treatments return a healthy-looking elasticity and tightness to your skin.
    • Pellevé is FDA approved and safe.
  • You will notice a natural radiance and glow in the hours and days following Pellevé treatment.
  • As the weeks pass, collagen rebuilds, and you notice even greater results.
  • Optimal results appear after several months as your skin looks tauter, smoother, and more youthful.
What is Body FX?
    • Body FX by InModeⓇ offers cellulite and body-contouring technology through radiofrequency (RF) and negative pressure.
    • The system simultaneously destroys fat cells while contracting the skin, leaving you looking tighter and slimmer.
    • Body FX works on the abdomen, back, and thighs.
    • Most men and women benefit from weekly sessions scheduled for six consecutive weeks.
    • You’ll notice improvements immediately after the sessions and in the weeks following as the fat cells are flushed out through your body’s natural waste-elimination systems.
How does Laser Hair Removal work?
    • Heat from the laser penetrates your skin and targets the pigment in your hair follicles.
    • Pigment absorbs the light, the follicle overheats and is destroyed, so hair can no longer grow.
Areas That Benefit From Treatment
    • Chest and back
    • Bikini line
    • Arms and legs
    • Upper lip and chin
    • Underarms
Treatment Cycles
    • Hair grows in cycles and must be targeted during the growth phase for laser hair removal to work.
    • You benefit from multiple treatments so that all unwanted hair is caught during this growth phase.
    • Most people need 6-12 treatments to thoroughly treat all hair follicles in a given area.


Analysis and Strategy Development

We review all information and lab results in context with your current and past health, tailoring the path to your desired outcome.

Multi-Channel Well-Being Approach

Your desired well-being can be achieved by evaluating and treating the following, as needed:


Access to a tight-knit community of exclusive and knowledgeable executive health professionals

Physician grade supplementation


Additional imaging, testing, and biometrics

Aesthetics Consultation